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They should have left the mechanics of Fable 2 intact, such as the emotions and the stores and how you buy and sell things. Don't care much for the sanctuary, but its different. The graphics are good and so was the story. At least better than Fable 2. Overall it is a disappointment, but I still play the game.

That's funny just earlier my friend said the graphics were worse than the last game. This game is horrible. Stop promoting it. I don't care about your money. I enjoyed all the fables. I probably enjoyed the first one the most because it was something new and i had not played anything like it before. I will say this. I miss the heroes guild Yay, it looks better, but does it PLAY better? The general consensus is Okay, but not memorable. We're still waiting for that great sequel to the original Fable: as fun as that game was, just a whole lot bigger I guess I'm one of the few Gamespot users that preferred Fable 3 over the other two?

I don't like Fable 3 very much. I've been playing for around 5 hours and the story just seems There's no build up in the story, there's not much of an emotional attatchment to the characters.

There isn't as much options in coversation as I would like. From playing Mass Effect 2 and the choices available to me in that, this just seems bland.

  • Two years and a whole lot of work made Fable III considerably better looking than its predecessor..
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Fable 3 in my opinion was Kinda a dismantlement alot of things seem they just took out of Fable 2 and up-dated the graphics, and also it was Way to simplified. I my self really dont like the new one. I would rather stick with the second one or the first one. Even though they completely made it a better game and what not, I just think its to up to date for me to take it as a good game. Chaodyn5 I completely agree with you.

I would love for there to be a Good and Evil story that you get to play with.

music, comics, and media in a rock'n' roll world

I would love for them to finally fix the combat and turn it from a button masher to something enjoyable Though I do wanna keep the sick cut scene kills,I want more of those added. Heres what I would have done with Fable 3 to make it more enjoyable. Instead of going from town to town recruiting people,How about someone evil runs the town and you bring them down and liberate the town.

So there would be bosses in every town and in the end you would fight your brother and then the darkness which is 2 times harder then your brother. Make your morale choices actually mean something. The only time they do is when you are king and its basically, Save people you have to be evil and to Help people yet they still die you have to be good. I would make the choices actually effect the outcome of the game and actually mean something.

Can we get quests after we finish the game? It seems like the only quest we get are repeative capture the criminal or friendship quests. How about we get some quests that actually make us wanna play the game afterwords, Running a kingdom isnt exactly easy? Why not be able to handle money and do the taxes n all that jazz that you did as king and actually run your country.

Simply because it looks different doesnt mean its any better. Fable 2 ,even though its nothing compared to Fable, was a way better game then Fable 3. They simplified the game way too much and took all the challenge out of it. The graphics, honestly, aren't even important at all.

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These both look pretty good to great. How about dumbing down the gameplay so badly that its hardly a game. I personally couldn't believe they got rid of mana.

And ammo. And dying. They totally destroyed elements that made it a game, so its enjoyable for 4 year olds or something. Fable 1 is my favorite, and will be forever most likely, unless they realize that gamers play video games. Not non-gamers. I read a few of these posts and its a great argument and all But why not after 2 years of work consider friends this is the 3rd installment now do we not have something a tad more revolutionary than a stronger spiders thread of story and the ability to join two spells together?

Different storyline for the evildoer? New and exciting enemies a boss here or there , combat that feels a bit tighter than any other masher, a combo system? New pets more useful than a furry metal detector? I believe the graphics look great, they are a huge improvement on Fable 2 and the best proof of this would be to look at the caves in Fable 3. Anyways, I think DeMise is hitting on something. While the game does look amazingly better it lacks some of the most enjoyable and fun gameplay mechanics of Fable 2.

I don't think Fable 3 is quite as fun as Fable 2 was despite the better graphics and improved storyline. Lionhead should have spent a little more time considering what they were doing with some of the Fable 2 system and adding more content. Conclusion: Sure the clothing looks great but when there are only nine outfits or whatever I don't care.

Maybe it's just me Side by side you can tell kind of, but played seperately I don't think you'd particularly jump out and notice the difference.

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Are people seriously complaining about these graphics? People act like consoles look horrible I can imagine once DX 11 comes in full force on the PC games that the consoles might suffer and we may see a new generation. Stuff like PS Move and Kinect do tend to be final ditch efforts for the console they have in the past for previous consoles - EyeToy anyone? Regardless if it looks a little better, at it is just a little better it still looks terrible next to almost any other exclusive on the the Just look at Mass Effect 2.

It's clear that the Xbox is at the end of its graphics life, but there is no reason for a console exclusive that has been developed for 2 years to look this dated and washed out.

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Daian no need for a new gen. This is like a bad dream.

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Jack of Fables, Vol. 6: The Big Book of War

Is anyone else noticing how a game that's 2 years older doesn't look noticeably better than Fable 2?! If you argue for Fable 3's graphics, go play Mass Effect 2. And yes, it's got much better gameplay to back it up. Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! Leave Blank. Fable II Follow. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Fable 2 Fable 3 Normal Mapping Normal mapping, also called bump mapping, adds depth to textures.

Fable 2 Fable 3 Fable 2 Fable 3 Character Screen More of a stylistic change, full-character representations are available at the outset of the game, rather than the cards that Lionhead used in Fable II. Join the conversation There are comments about this story.

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Stuffed Fables was a great purchase : boardgames

I've been wondering how Peter Molyneux is going to respond about what he thinks about Fable 3. LordKhaan - 8 years ago. Well,I don't see any huge improvement over the visuals but the comparison was cool!! CoL0sS - 8 years ago. Hitman46 - 8 years ago. Nice comparison.