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Bunny Berigan of Fox Lake. Bunny: a bio-discography of jazz trumpeter Bunny Berigan. Danca, Vince Butter factories and cheese factories operated in dairy statistics for as reported by the operators of butter and cheese factories. Smith, Catheryn Fisher Capital schools.

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Catalog no. Bemis Riddell Fibre Company s Catalog of children's carriages. Hill Children's Carriage Factory [? College of Agriculture Catalogue of Evansville Seminary, Cloud, Dundee, Calumet, Rosendale and other centers of trade and all the farming portion of Fond du Lac County; each in a department by itself, arranged in alphabetical order, and contained in one closely printed volume. Rappel, Joseph J. Centennial memories: a brief history of Menasha, Wisconsin. Auer, James M. William Arnon , [] Century of stories : a year reflection of Janesville and surrounding communities.

Chairs for offices, banks and other public institutions. Chairs for the office, school, hotel, tavern and general contract. June 2, Charter of the city of Menasha. Louis and Wisconsin River Lumber Company.

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Madison Public Schools Wis. The Chippewa Times. December Citizen's survey of rural social conditions in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

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Wileden, Arthur F. Biddenback, H. May City on the Rock River : chapters in Janesville's history. Bartholomew, Harland, City school: first year report.

Edited by Nicholas Thieberger

Evaluation Management Group Madison, Wis. Moore, William, P. Canright, Solomon, [unpublished] Civil War letters, Richards, Robert, [unpublished] Civil War letters, McCann, John W. Bennett, Van S.

JMIR - Citations for The Law of Attrition

Ault, William, [unpublished] Co. C, th Infantry, in the World War; a story of the 32nd Division and a complete history of the part taken by Co. Schmidt, Paul W. Felland, O. Everts, Baskin, and Stewart Commemorative biographical record of prominent and representative men of Racine and Kenosha counties, Wisconsin, containing biographical sketches of business and professional men and of many of the early settled families.

Beers and Co Commemorative biographical record of the Fox River Valley counties of Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families. October Comprehensive library planning program prospectus. April Congregation Anshe Pele Zedek.

Consumed by fire : a collection of writings about the famous Wisconsin Chair Company fire, Port Washington, Wisconsin, February 19, Niedecker, Lorine Cooperation principles and practices: the application of cooperation to the assembling, processing and marketing of farm products, to the purchase of farm supplies and consumers' goods and to credit and insurance.

College of Agriculture. Power, Richard Anderson, The cost of manufacturing and marketing sugar in Wisconsin. Hurley, R.

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Trenk, Fred B. Fred Benjamin , County ordinances zoning for agriculture, forestry and recreation in Wisconsin. Rowlands, W. Cary, Augustus G. Rudd, D. The Custerdale comment : dedication number. Railway, composed of bankers, farmers, county agents, editors, college representatives, business men and others, during the week of July 6 to 11, College of Agriculture [? Pardee, Aurel Baker [] Diary, Plumbe, John, [unpublished] Diary, [Translations]. August 1, Directory of the city and county of Sheboygan. Sneath, Thomas S. December 31, Early and late Mosinee. Ladu, Edger E. Boyd, Robert K. Lohman, Arthur H. Ela, Ida L. Brooks, Warren The echo. Elida Reynolds diary. Sherman: College of Agriculture Exploring Ho-nee-um in the spring. Familien-Buch Neu-Glarus. Hastings, Lucy A. College of Agriculture The farm journal illustrated rural directory of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin with a complete road map of the county. Coe, Mollie A. Bell, Florence C.

Florence Colfax , [] The Farmers Equity Union : need for, what it is, what it stands for, what it does : a brief explanation of its four great functions : organization, education, cooperation, legislation. January Field problems of Wisconsin rural teachers. Anderson, Charles Joseph, Fifty years of rural leadership in Wisconsin's county normal schools. Menasha, Wisconsin, its trade, industries, inducements to capitalists, and its pre-eminence as a manufacturing, residence, and educational city.

First Presbyterian Church, Neenah, Wisconsin, ; years of mission and ministry. Cronin, Katherine L. Christensen, Chris Lauriths, Fond du Lac city directory, and business advertiser, for ' Williams, E. Blaisdell, J. James Joshua , A forest for learning. Kline, Virginia Forest planting handbook. Fred Benjamin , Forest soils : origin, properties, relation to vegetation, and silvicultural management. Wilde, S. James, Robert F.

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Containing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all residents. Also 'phone numbers of representative business and professional men of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Its private ownership and rights. October Franksville: "the first years", Franksville, Wisconsin, ; in conjunction with the 25th annual Kraut Festival, July , Franksville Businessmen's Association [? Defnet, Mary A. Goc, Michael J. General catalog, household and dining room furniture, office-school and hotel chairs.

Crocker Chair Company General catalog. General information Hall's great trained wild animal shows.