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One of these mistakes is how we handle thwarting ploys, such as stonewalling, sarcasm and accusing. The best advice is to simply address the ploy openly and sincerely. As the author says, if the ploy from your counterpart is stubborn unresponsiveness, you can candidly say, "I don't know how to interpret your silence. Calling people into your office may not be the best strategy. Sitting in your own turf, behind your desk, shifts the balance of power too much on your side. Even simple body language, such as leaning forward toward the person rather than leaning back on your chair, can carry a subtle message of your positive intentions; i.

Let's problem solve so that we have a better workplace.

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Don't exclude the coffee shop. Some people put off having the conversation because they don't know how to start. The best way to start is with a direct approach.

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Let's grab a cup of coffee tomorrow morning to chat. Let's meet tomorrow morning to problem-solve. You don't want to ambush people by surprising them about the nature of the "chat. Pick up two or three copies for your corporate library and encourage leaders in your organization to develop this important skill. Read more articles, tips and advice on how to be an effective leader. Photo: iStockphoto. Bruna Martinuzzi is the founder of Clarion Enterprises Ltd. Skip to content. Menu Menu.

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Winning Skills

Managing Money. Cash Flow. Getting Customers. Customer Relations. Digital Tools. Social Media Strategy. Building Your Team. Company Culture. Planning for Growth. Growth Opportunities. Find a Solution. March 25, 12 Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations Take your leadership skills to the next level by getting comfortable with confrontation.

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Here are 12 ways to diffuse difficult people. If you're unsure of how to best approach a crucial conversation, here are some tips to guide you: 1.

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Be clear about the issue. Know your objective. Adopt a mindset of inquiry. Manage the emotions. Be comfortable with silence. Preserve the relationship. Be consistent. Develop your conflict resolution skills. Watch your reaction to thwarting ploys. Choose the right place to have the conversation. Know how to begin. Train other leaders on how to handle the difficult conversation. How to approach The Victim: The manager must clearly define accountability.

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Be really clear about what the person should be doing, the quality of the work that should be delivered and the time in which that should happen. Adopt a language of accountability as outlined in the book, Winning With Accountability , by Henry Evans. Hissers are like coiled snakes. When provoked, they rise and strike, leaving terror in their wake. Hissers are prone to rants and raves. They can be pushy, or even be bullies.

Nobody ever quite knows what will set these people off. How to approach The Hisser: Explore the factors that drive this person's behavior. If the hisser doesn't care how his or her behavior impacts the team, don't expect a turnabout.